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Elementary Career Awareness

In elementary school, children can develop these skills:

  1. Identify their interests, likes and dislikes.
  2. Describe their strengths and talents.
  3. Demonstrate positive behaviors and personal characteristics, such as honesty, dependability, responsibility, integrity and loyalty.
  4. Recognize that one should accept responsibility for one’s behavior. 5. Interact with others in a fair, helpful and respectful way.
  5. Recognize that people have many life roles and that these need to be balanced.
  6. Demonstrate study skills and good learning habits.
  7. Be able to set goals and work toward achieving them.
  8. Describe different ways to make decisions.
  9. Recognize a variety of skills that are important for success in school and work, such as communicating, critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Source: National Career Development Guidelines

Paws in Jobland
Elementary Level Career Resources


Grade Level




Cashmere if You Can - Wawa Hohhot

How Santa Got His Job – Stephen Krensky

Roberto the Insect Architect – Nina Laden

When I Grow Up – Colin McNaughton

Whose Hat Is This? – Sharon Katz Cooper

Whose Tools Are These? – Sharon Katz Cooper

Career Development Lesson Plans


Downloadable Guidance Lesson Plans from the Missouri Center for Career Education

Career Game Explorer Edition


Explorer begins by asking questions that help students recognize the thoughts, feelings and events that hold clues to their future.  Includes a series of color-coded activities designed to identify individual personality types.

Career Hangman (Online)


Career Kids

Careers Are Everywhere! Activity Workbook


The activities in this workbook are intended to be fun and challenging. They have been designed around the building blocks of the elementary National Career Development Guidelines with the goal of raising career awareness.


Lesson Plan 6

Tootsie Roll™, Tootsie Roll™, Who Art Thou?  (Who Am I as a Career?)

Lesson Goal:
• The student will categorize 36 jobs into the 6 career clusters.
• The student will complete a work interview, using findings from activities and card sort.

Marco Career Education Products


Career Bingo, Career Bingo, and more.