Career & Technical Education:

  • Connects students to real careers.

  • Makes education meaningful through applied learning.

  • Provides a talent pipeline for North Dakota businesses.

Work-based Learning
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Electrician Continuing Education Instructor Certification

Any instructor who teaches classroom continuing education units to ND Licensed Electricians shall be certified in order for those CEU's to be approved by the ND State Electrical Board.

License Checklist

Area Career and Technology Centers (CTCs)

Area Career and Technology Centers (CTCs)

North Dakota has ten CTCs that serve member schools in their area.


TrainND is a workforce training program that provides customized training for corporations and organizations, as well as open-enrollment training for individuals. 

TrainND is operated through four regional locations in North Dakota:

ND Career and Technical Education Industry Certifications

Industry Certifications - North Dakota CTE

An education and work-related credential can be defined as a verification of an individual’s qualifications or competence issued by a third party with the relevant authority to issue such credentials (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010). High-quality credentials are recognized by multiple employers across an industry.

The term “industry recognized,” used with respect to a credential, means a credential that:

A. Is sought or accepted by employers within the industry or sector involved as a recognized, preferred, or required credential for recruitment, screening, hiring, retention or advancement purposes; and,

B. Where appropriate, is endorsed by a nationally recognized trade association or organization representing a significant part of the industry or sector.