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Registration for the May 27, 2024, through August 10, 2024, Work-based Learning Coordinator Training will be open soon.

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What is Work-based Learning?

The term, “work-based learning” means (for the purposes of Perkins V funding):

  • Sustained interactions with industry or community professionals in real workplace settings, to the extent practicable; OR

  • Simulated environments at an educational institution that foster in-depth, firsthand engagement with the tasks required in a given career field, that are aligned to curriculum and instruction.

After consultation with various stakeholder groups, such as business/industry partners, school administration, Workforce Development Council, etc., the overwhelming majority agreed that the state indicator should be work-based learning opportunities. Based on this feedback, the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education has determined the secondary program quality indicator will be the percentage of CTE concentrators graduated from high school having participated in work-based learning. This guidance has been developed to clarify the components of this secondary program quality indicator. It will provide definitions and examples of work-based learning experiences. An explanation of the use of Career Ready Practices is also included. Data will only be collected once throughout a student’s high school years.

Work-based Learning Goals
  • Fill the demand for a trained workforce within the state of ND.

  • Provide early exposure to careers and prepare students to be successful in the workplace

  • Create a bridge between education and the labor market so students will be Choice Ready, and communities will flourish.

  • Engage students, develop a career mindset, and inspire the development of career goals.

North Dakota Work-based Learning will meet goals by –

  • Collaborating with industry professionals, community stakeholders, students, and educators to create quality work-experiences.

  • Emphasizing the connection between core education and the workplace.

  • Facilitating Career Exploration prior to work experience.

  • Teaching young people, the transferrable skills they need to be successful.

  • Preparing students for the work-based learning experiences and Preparing students to be an asset in the workplace.

  • Creating customized training plans for skill development and assessment.

  • Preparing employers to provide training for students as potential future employees.

  • Documenting work experience for academic credit.

  • Creating quality simulated work experiences, project-based learning experiences and other approved WBL activities.

  • Documenting the WBL Activity for credit.

  • Fostering a career mindset.

  • Making education relevant to careers.

  • Producing Choice Ready high school graduates.

  • Expand educational opportunities in all classes.

Assessment for each CTE concentrator having participated in work-based learning must include the use of the five following Career Ready Practices (CRP):

  • 1)  Responsible Employee

  • 2)  Technical Skills

  • 4)  Communication 

  • 8)  Problem Solving

  • 12) Teamwork

Career Ready Practices/Rubrics

Work-based Learning Resources
North Dakota Scholarship

Work-based Learning is an Indicator under workforce ready for the North Dakota Scholarship. Work-based Learning Module

North Dakota provides to all North Dakota students. contains high school and career planning tools and the Work-based Learning Module. Resources

Employer Resources - Work-Based Learning Module

Work-based Learning Coordinator Training

Registration for the May 27, 2024, through August 10, 2024, Work-based Learning Coordinator Training will be open soon.

Registration will be open soon!

Registration Deadline: TBD

Training Details

  • Training will combine two face-to-face days of instruction/collaboration and three virtual sessions.
  • The course instructors will supply all training resources.
  • Participants who complete training will be eligible for the WBL Coordinator Endorsement which allows coordinators to manage quality work-based learning experiences for students in all CTE program areas. A WBL Coordinator will be the point of contact for students, employers, and educators.
  • Professional Development Credits will be available through UND, NDSU and Valley City.
  • Learners who complete their training will be qualified to be the teacher of record for the following MIS03 codes.                 
    • 01999    Agricultural Education Cooperative Work Experience
    • 14999    Business Education Cooperative Work Experience
    • 09299    Family and Consumer Sciences Education Cooperative Work Experience
    • 07999    Health Education Supervised Occupational Experience
    • 27999    Information Technology Cooperative Work Experience
    • 04999    Marketing Education Cooperative Work Experience
    • 10999    Technology & Engineering Education Cooperative Work Experience
    • 17999    Trade and Industrial Education Cooperative Work Experience
    • 20076    Career Seminar
    • 20060    Career Management