Paul Miller

Morris Morrison

Photo of Paul Miller PDC Keynote Speaker

D. Paul Miller is a proud educator, highly-sought after speaker, best-selling author of the book, "Hey Teachers, Don't Quit!", and founder of He shows educators how to feel like they are truly "livin’ the dream" while making huge impacts on student achievement.

Photo of Morris Morrison PDC Keynote Speaker

Morris Morrison is obsessed with building Stronger, Kinder, Focused human beings. Along with his team at Windmill Park Media, Morris Morrison has become a world-class Entertainer, Futurist, Author and Entrepreneur whose journey began in New York City before a doctor’s words changed his life forever, after being orphaned a second time.  Morris Morrison has been the go-to voice that has impacted countless youth, college & university and major Fortune 50 events that range from Supply Chain & HR, to Sales, Marketing and Healthcare.


CTE Professional Development Conference Schedule at a Glance

Use this high-level schedule to get a sense of the events and activities that will take place each day.  This schedule is subject to change.

The full conference program will be available online prior to the conference.

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Future Professional Development Conference Dates

  • August 4-6, 2025
  • August 3-5, 2026
  • August 2-4, 2027
  • August 7-9, 2028
  • August 6-8, 2029
  • August 5-7, 2030