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North Dakota Career and Technical Education (NDCTE) proudly announces its new logo and commitment to “Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce.”

NDCTE Logo with Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce Tagline

NDCTE prides itself on guiding students toward a career pathway they can be proud of. The tagline, “Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce,” is a simplified version of the mission of NDCTE to work with others to provide all North Dakota citizens with the technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a globally competitive workplace.

A committee developed NDCTE’s new logo, color scheme, and tagline internally. The abstract person on the logo represents all the NDCTE Champions who work together to impact the state of North Dakota. The person embodies the students we serve, the workforce we are helping to build and all who work with NDCTE to inspire collaboration between education and industry.  The star is an integral part of the logo. Just as the North Star has been used throughout history to guide travelers to their destinations, NDCTE provides guidance and direction for educators, students, employers, and communities. 

The new NDCTE logo will replace the 2003 version created when the Department of Vocational and Technical Education was renamed the Department of Career and Technical Education.

Visit the NDCTE website for more information about the logo, usage guidelines, and variations, visit NDCTE Logo and Branding Guidelines.


Wayde Sick, State Director & Executive Officer | 701-328-3180  | wasick@nd.gov

NDCTE | 600 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 270 Bismarck | ND 58505

Phone: (701) 328-3180 | www.cte.nd.gov


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