Self-assessments help you identify your skills, interests, and work values and then match them to careers. contains many assessments that help you plan for your career.

Sign in to your account and click on the Learn About Yourself tab to access the assessments.  Assessment results are automatically saved in your account, helping you identify career options and prepare for your dream job!

  • Compass Profile: Use your classes, activities, and hobbies to identify your skills and find careers that fit you.
  • Interest Profiler: Figure out what interests you have and match them to careers.
  • Career Cluster Survey: Find out which Career Cluster is right for you.
  • Basic Skills Survey: Find out what careers require your basic skills.
  • Transferable Skills Checklist: See how the skills you've learned can lead to new opportunities.  
  • Work Values Sorter: Find your work values and match them to career options.
  • The Career Key: Discover your career interest areas in a few quick steps.


Additional Self-Assessments and Surveys