Image of Governor Burgum CTE Month Proclamation

CTE (Career and Technical Education) Month is a public awareness campaign that takes place each year in February.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate Career and Technical Education and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across North Dakota and the nation!

CTE Month gives you the chance to inform others of the innovation and excellence that exists within your local CTE programs and raise awareness of the crucial role that CTE plays in readying our students for careers and our nation for economic success.

CTE Month Graphic - Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce


Celebrate Career and Technical Education Month!


How can you raise awareness for CTE Month?





  • Share your CTE story and what inspired you to become a CTE educator.


  • Share photos of students at work matched with inspirational quotes. Include any inspiring or unique stories that showcase students overcoming adversity and finding success through CTE experiences.


  • Share ways you connect with each other as CTE educators or professionals and what it means to be a part of the CTE community.


  • Share how you are celebrating CTE Month!


  • Feature a significant supporter of your school or center's CTE programs. Whether it is an individual or a business, share how they sup-port your program and what it means to you and your students. How are these supporters Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce?
    You can do this once or twice a week through-out the month of February!


  • Shine a spotlight on the CTE educators or staff in your school/center! Feature their pro-grams, what they are doing that is unique or special, and how they are “Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce”.


Use the following Canva Templates to share your CTE Month celebration:

Submit the content created to:  Celebrate CTE Month 2024 


Celebrating CTE Month: Perspectives from Students

What do students have to say about how their CTE classes have helped them prepare for their future?  Check out the February 2024 CTE Newsletter for quotes from students like Izzy, SRCTC-Oakes:  “I think EMT has really prepared me for my future by helping me narrow down what field of medical work i want to go into. It was very hands-on and that is how I learn the best."


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