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Exhibit Guidelines

Exhibit Guidelines

Goals for the Exhibits:

  • Have CTE students and CTSO members demonstrate and explain to legislators and others the purpose of the exhibit (i.e, what the students learned).
  • Help legislators and others experience hands-on demonstrations to learn about the quality education that is taking place in North Dakota CTE programs and Student Organizations.

Types of Exhibits Wanted:

  • Interactive, working demonstrations/displays of student’s work.
  • Hands-on exhibits that get legislators and others involved.

Important Messages that CTSO Exhibits Should Communicate:

  • CTE provides unique opportunities for students to foster the development of leadership, collaboration, strategy, accountability, creativity, and critical-thinking skills needed to be successful in and out of the workplace.
  • CTSOs offer the opportunities for young leaders to work with and help others be more successful.

Important Messages that your CTE Program’s Exhibit Should Communicate:

  • CTE can be the route to exciting, well-paid careers in many fields, including those in a variety of high-tech, health, and other emerging career fields.
  • CTE teaches English, Math, and Science skills in the context of career interests.
  • CTE expands a student’s career option by helping the student develop transferable skills and universal work- place attitudes.

For questions or additional Information, please contact Tracy Becker

Submit Your Application to Exhibit

We are no longer accepting applications for exhibits at this event. If you need to make changes to your current application, please contact Tracy Becker ( or 701-328-3178.


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